What is Anhua dark tea?
Dark tea is unique to China, which includes Anhua dark tea (Hunan dark tea), Sichuan brick tea (kang Zhuan).Pu'er tea, Liu Pao tea, Hubei green brick tea and SO on. With coarser raw materials and pressed shape, dark tea is also known as post-fermented tea for pile fermentation procedure after water removing, and microorganism fermented tea due to the participation of microorganisms. Fermented food often has good health care effect. and dark tea behaves extremely excellent.
Anhua dark tea is the most typical among Chinese tea categories. It proudly stands towering above the rest of tea categories for all these characteristics such as outstanding and miraculous effect,long and mysterious history, unique and superior raw material, traditional but scientific Craft,mellow and evocative mouthfeel, rich and profound culture. It is acknowledged by pharmaceutical in-dustry as one of the best wholesome drinks, and honored as "new hope for human health in the 2 Ist century".
Anhua dark tea originated from the long term production practice of tea farmers in the long history,and the specific time is not clear.At present,the earliest written records found are those of "Records of Kitchen Attendance" on Quijang River Slice Tea in the Tang Dynasty. Some experts also concluded that the tea unearthed from the Han Tomb at Mawangdui in Changsha came from Anhua, in which case, tea production history can be traced back to1more than 2300years ago. Anhua dark tea was once listed as a tribute to the imperial court, and was designated as the offficial tea of "exchanging horse in the northwest side of the border" in the Ming and Wanli dynasties. It has long been marketed in the northwest and become an indispensable "drinks of life" for nomadic people and the mysterious tea along the ancient silk road. It is also called national tea, unity tea and political tea for stabilizing the frontier and promoting unity.
Anhua dark tea has the unquestioning health-care function. The unique transformation of contents produced by "key processes such as "pile fermentation'and "flower development" have created the special function that is superior to other teas. Studies have shown that Anhua dark tea has remarkable effects on reducing blood fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight loss,preventing cardio vascular diseases, and rsisting cancer.
The magical function of Anhua dark tea is developed with its unique processing technology. Thousands of years of exploration and practice left Anhua dark tea a unique and mature processing technology, which is initially processed into raw dark green tea by spreading, deactivating enzymes, primary kneading, pile fermentation, re-kneading and drying,and then made into finished products by various refining processes. Pile fermentation, baking, drying of seven-star stove and "flower development" techniques are all characteristic techniques. Through pile fermentation, the tea tastes mellow and non - astringent, with typical "fermented flavor". The seven star stove pine wood fire drying method makes the tea black and oily, the soup red and bright,the taste thick, and has pine smoke fragrance. "Flower development" technique of Fu brick tea promotes the growth and reproduction of "golden flower" in the tea,namely eurotium cristatum,which directly affects the taste, aroma and pharmacological effects.
Anhua dark tea has long been used as the side - sllig tea in history. With the deepening of research on health, Anhua dark tea began to break into people's vision in the early part of the 21 st century with the "black whirlwind" trend,accompanied by its status in China's tea industry continuing to soar. In the short span of more than 10 years, its magical healthcare effect was quickly recognized, gracually becoming healthy drinks pursued by modern people.