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Huajuan tea
Qianliang tea series
Anhua tea garden
Qianliang tea is also called Huajuan tea. It is named after its traditional prod-ucts each having a net weight of one thousand tales. It is so called because they are packaged and pressed into "rolls" with smartweed leaves, palm slices and bamboo baskets.
Tianjian tea
Xiangjian tea series
Anhua dark tea
Xiangjian tea is a generic term for the series of tea products such as Tianjian tea ( it is packaged in a bamboo basket during production, and the process of filling the basket and pressing the bag includes steaming and lightly pressing, also known as light pressed tea ).
Brick tea series
Fu brick tea
Anhua dark tea
Fu brick tea is a brick-shaped Anhua dark tea product produced by screening and blending, steaming and piling,weighing and pressing, drying and pack-aging. Fu brick tea soup is orange in color, pure in aroma, rich in fungus and flowers, mellow in taste, yellow and brown in leaf bottom. and obvious in...
Approaching Anhua Dark Tea
Anhua dark tea is the most typical among Chinese tea categories. It proudly stands towering above the rest of tea categories for all these characteristics such as outstanding and miraculous effect,long and mysterious history, unique and superior raw material, traditional but scientific Craft,mellow and evocative mouthfeel, rich and profound culture. It is acknowledged by pharmaceutical in-dustry as one of the best wholesome drinks, and honored as "new hope for human health in the 2 Ist century".
Our dark tea
  • 1000 +
    History of Anhua dark tea
  • 37 +
    Annual output (10000 tons)
  • 31 +
    Annual sales volume (10000 tons)
  • 360000 +
    Tea garden area (MU)